5th Congress of the Romanian Audit Profession

The Audit profession - current experience, requirements and challenges


Bucharest, 3rd of November 2017, Radisson Blu Hotel

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Congress objectives

Through the participation of renowned personalities from the country and abroad we aim to:

  • outline a correct and productive perception on the application of new European Union regulations;
  • approach the best interpretations and practices in the field;
  • emphasize the most effective solutions for assimilation and interpretation;

Congress topics

  • Regulatory aspects on the practice of the financial auditor profession;
  • The oversight of the accounting profession in the context of ensuring high quality missions;
  • Dissemination of best practices in the audit profession;
  • Developing organizational culture in financial audit through professional training;


  • Auditors and trainees;
  • Stakeholders and users of information arising from the audit report;
  • Academia;
  • Regulatory authorities;

Scientific committee

Professor Ana Morariu, PhD

Professor Ana Morariu, chairman of the Scientific Committee

As a financial auditor since 2000, she has contributed to the development of CAFR by writing articles, materials and courses, lecturing in the country and abroad at conferences, congresses, workshops, etc. She was vice-president of the CAFR during 2011-2014 and alongside numerous council activities, she promoted professional training of auditors and trainees based on examples, case studies, applications.

As a representative of the Academia, she wrote numerous articles, books, studies, contributing to the development of university education and was the promoter of the introduction of Accounting and Tax Management disciplines including Financial Audit at the Faculty of Accounting and Management Information Systems. She initiated and developed the Master program Financial Audit and Counseling, a program accredited by CAFR and CECCAR.


Ana DINCĂ, member of the Scientific Committee

With over 15 years of experience in the field of financial audit with statutory audit, auditing financial statements prepared on the basis of group policies, IFRS, GAAP, audit of European Commission funds, Ms. Dinca is a financial auditor, member of the Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania since 2000 and a member of the Statutory Auditors Commission of CAFR.

Ms. Dincă also holds the titles of expert accountant and tax consultant and was awarded the special prize of WASME President for significant results in entrepreneurial activity.

Professor Maria Manolescu, PhD

Professor Maria Manolescu, member of the Scientific Committee

Financial Auditor, member of CAFR since its establishment, she has been Vice-President of the organization and currently is an Honorary Financial Auditor.
Mrs. Maria Manolescu has an important expertise and numerous professional missions in the field, having a major involvement in the regulation of accounting and financial audit and in creating and strengthening the profession of financial auditor in Romania.

The professional experience in this field was also used in higher education – currently being an Emeritus Professor at ASE Bucharest – as well as in numerous scientific research projects and specialty works.

Associate Professor Mirela Paunescu, PhD

Associate Professor Mirela Paunescu, member of the Scientific Committee

Ms. Păunescu is an associate professor at the Academy of Economic Studies, having published numerous books and articles in various specialized magazines. Academic studies include an MBA completed in Boston, USA, a master’s degree in accounting and auditing at the Academy of Economic Studies and one in Tax Law at the University of Bucharest.

Also an ACCA member, Ms. Păunescu has over 15 years of experience in training in auditing, IFRS and taxation. As a financial auditor, her professional experience includes audits of financial statements and of due diligence, taxation, transposition of European legislation and elaboration of policy and procedure guides and manuals on various topics and fields of activity, tax consultancy and advice for the application of IFRS.

Clemente Kiss, PhD

Clemente Kiss, member of the Scientific Committee
He is a member of technical committees for both CFAR and the Romanian Ministry of Finance and been involved in significant projects, such as the implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards. He is also a member of Corpul Expertilor Contabili si Contabililor Autorizati din Romania (the Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania, or CECCAR) and a member and Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Mr. Clemente Kiss joined the IFAC Professional Accountancy Organization (PAOs) Development Committee in June 2015 after being nominated by the Chamber of Financial Auditors in Romania (CAFR).

Mr. Kiss has worked for KPMG in Romania since 2009 and is currently Director for Regulatory Affairs, Audit. He previously worked for EY Romania as a Senior Manager in assurance and advisory business services and ARBOmedia as the Chief Financial Officer.

Mr. Kiss holds a bachelor degree in Economics (accounting and IT systems), a master’s degree in Audit and Accounting, and a Ph.D. in Accounting, all from the Academy of Economic Studies. He has also authored and co-authored a number of articles, studies, and surveys on developing the accountancy profession and has spoken at many different conferences.

Secretariat of the Scientific Committee

Cristina Cerbu, Chief Executive of CAFR
Ms. Cerbu has over 10 years of experience in financial auditing and is a member of CAFR, ACCA and IIA.

Flavia Tudor-Cioriceanu, Head of Services for Members
Ms. Tudor – Cioriceanu coordinates the activity of the Services for Members Department, being employed at CAFR since 2011.

Event location


Radisson Blu Hotel, Bucharest